From “ARM-31 Workshops” to “Civil Aviation Pilot Plant #31”

1953. How it all began. The plant began operation in 1953. Back then it consisted of PO-2 plane repair workshops and 500 employees. A total of 162 planes were repaired in the period from 1953 to 1957 - this is quite an impressive number for those years. The size of the team was also continuously growing, and by the end of 1957, there were 560 people working in workshops. And only 13 years later, in 1966, these workshops were renamed to Plant #31.

2000. A turning point. A new millennium and new ways of development. The plant survived the Perestroika crisis, and, like most businesses in those times, was barely keeping afloat. However, in the 2000s, business relations with Civil Aviation - the main customer of the plant, which had been lost throughout the tough 90s, were getting reestablished; specialists of the facility started getting regular training and began participating in symposiums and regional conferences.

2000 - modern time. New ways of development. In 2020, Provkin Igor Yurevich became the new CEO of the plant. Development of innovative products, import substitution, creating new job openings - all of these tasks are a priority for Igor Provkin and the entire team of Civil Aviation Pilot Plant #31.

Currently, the plant produces:
● ATT-22 mobile ground carts;
● SK-100 Airdrome stationery power distribution column;
● POU-3 portable lighting unit for lighting the places of aerotechnic maintenance.

Despite the tough time for the aviation industry, the number of flights did not decrease, only the destinations changed. Which means that airports still need high-quality equipment. Because of this, the ICAC “Stihl” was created, handling problems with the maintenance of airports and airfields all year round.