Designing attached implements

The well-coordinated and persistent design work of the specialists has led to the long-awaited result: a multifunctional complex was developed for the first time in history of the plant, - attachments for tractors and frontal loaders.

Every attachment has unique functionality and fulfills a separate role in the maintenance of airfields.

The following types of attachments were developed:
● U-shaped dozer blade (UDB) «BLIZZARD».
● Rear airfield brush (RAB) «SNOWSTORM».
● Signal lights cleaner (SLC) «LIGHT».
● Mechanical bunker brush (MBB) «DUST».
● Wide-cut airfield mower (WAM) «HAYMAKING».
● High pressure washer (HPW) «RAINFALL».
● Frontal airfield brush (FAB) «SNOWDRIFT».
● Frontal high-volume shovel (FHS) «HERO».
● Frontal dependent rotary snow cleaner (FDRSC) «CHARGE».
● Frontal autonomous rotary snow cleaner (FARSC) «WHIRLWIND».
● Combined reagent distributor (CRD) «ICE».